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Cloud services from P& P Infotech are designed to assist you propose, build, run and integrate cloud together with your ancient infrastructure. Our strategic consulting services pave the approach for made cloud adoption and migration.
Hybrid cloud, supporting each ancient IT and cloud, is inflicting associate explosion of alternative in services . You need a solution to arrange, procure, govern, manage IT services across all cloud models from multiple suppliers whereas reducing risks and prices.
P& P Infotech cloud business solutions harness new-age technologies like microservices , API, platform-as-a-service, and server-less design to boost your cloud ROI.
P n P Infotech is best in IT Infrastructure and Cloud technologies which make us the preferred partner in many of our client’s digital transformation.Ensure that we are best for all Cloud and IT infrastructure needs.
Google holds 1st-ever Developer Students Club Summit in Goa Google on Friday announced a three-day 'Developer Students Club' Summit in Goa, which aims to impart knowledge about latest technologies amongst students. The Summit, which will end on February 25, will be attended by 200 student ambassadors from 170 colleges in India. During the course, the students will learn about emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Platforms.
P& P infotech cloud services boost the capabilities of our organizations by optimizing, customizing and supporting solutions geared toward up client expertise and business gracefulness whereas lowering prices and cost.
P& P Infotech measure proud to assert collectively of the simplest Cloud services , provides the bulk sms services and reliable solutions for the advantage of the business.
P& P Infotech deliver next-generation technologies such as analytics, mobility, , cloud to help you achieve improved productivity and operational efficiencies.Be a part of organization which can help you to be on top.
PnP Infotech offers business operations, consulting and systems integration, engineering, technology operations solutions and services. we are best in IT services, business solutions, consulting, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud computing, Cyber Security.